Soul Pathology 6-Month Abundance Accelerator Program

Creating spiritual discipline for practical, everyday meaning and greater abundance.


What is in this Package?

 *Three 1.5-hour Soul Pathology Sessions via Recorded Conference Call

*Two 30-minute Soul Pathology Sessions via Recorded Conference Call (in between 1.5-hour sessions)

*Monthly, personalized Astrology + Numerology reports and assignments corresponding with the Universal Energies (6 months)


Are you ready to invest in your Soul Self to awaken to the infinite abundance available to you in this lifetime each and everyday?

Are you ready to align with your Higher Self and utilize tools on a daily basis to deepen your spiritual practices and awaken your divine intelligence?

Are you waking up to your own consciousness and communication with your Higher Self, but not sure how to practically and consistently apply it?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the Soul Pathology 6-Month Abundance Accelerator Program is a Soul-fit! The 6 month program consists of three 1.5-hour in-depth sessions and two 30-minute sessions using channeled wisdom from your higher self, astrology, numerology, spiritual intuitive counseling, and personalized tools/techniques to take with you and practice on a daily basis that will create new purpose, meaning and accountability.  Monthly personal numerology reports will also be shared. These are ideal for creating a disciplined spiritual practice to practically and consciously apply to your day-to-day. Willingness, personalized direction (provided by Amanda & your Higher Self) and discipline are the key ingredients!

You’ve tried an individual session and loved it, want more and want to immediately take a deep dive into discovering your Soul and your meaning in this lifetime. Perfect for those who are craving for deep Soul searching and discovery of one’s self.

This is for individuals who are truly dedicated to integrating their Soul Self into their daily life. Amanda will help you design a rich lifestyle that activates, accelerates and integrates your infinite human potential.



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