Amanda Rieger Green, MPH offers three distinct services to get you started on your spiritual path. If you’re just starting out, check out the Soul Pathology Individual Session.

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Looking to do Soul Pathology as a family? Amanda works collaborativly with children and parents, helping bridge the human and spiritual gaps.
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What is Soul Pathology?

Soul Pathology is a specialized process developed by Amanda Rieger Green to uncover, discover, and collaborate with your soul essence in this lifetime. It is the self-study of your soul’s unique blueprint. Soul Pathology not only aligns you with your desires in this lifetime, it’s aim is to integrate the human and spiritual you so you work in tandem with your higher self and begin to find the flow of life rather than the resistance. Amanda creates an image of your highest, best self and reflects that image back to you. At the very core, it is learning how to understand your truest self. Once you start, you can’t stop it.