Soul Pathology Session

WHat Is Soul Pathology?

Soul Pathology is a specialized process developed by Amanda Rieger Green to uncover, discover, and collaborate with your soul essence in this lifetime. It is the self-study of your soul’s unique blueprint through the pathology of human conditioning and dis-ease. Soul Pathology not only aligns you with your desires in this lifetime, its aim is to integrate the human and spiritual you so you work in tandem with your higher self and begin to find the flow of life rather than the resistance. At the very core, it is learning how to understand and live your truest Self. Once you connect, you can’t disconnect.

Soul Pathology is the intersection of your Human Capital and your Soul Potential.


Amanda creates an image of your highest, best self and reflects that image back to you.


Is Soul Pathology Right for You?

How you might be feeling: You are checking-off your life to-do list but feel unfulfilled or feel like you are going through the obligatory motions. Your life doesn’t feel like it is in alignment. You know you need to do some personal growth but aren’t quite sure where to start. You are ready to make a shift and start understanding your soul.

An Individual Session consists of an in-depth consultation, channeled reading, counseling, messages and guidance from my higher self and yours. We discuss any personal adversities, unwanted behaviors, and/or challenges you are facing and tap into messages from the higher self for guidance. Tools and techniques (unique to you) will be used to incorporate the messages/suggestions to make fundamental changes in your life. The purpose is to uncover and align oneself with your soul purpose in this lifetime. It is a transformative one-hour process.

Karmic patterns, or what you may experience as repetitive life lessons that keep rearing their ugly head, usually surface in these sessions and through insights from your higher self, these patterns are identified and/or explained so that they can be addressed and resolved.

Amanda is also a gifted medium, and if loved-ones who have crossed over are intended to come through, they usually do in order to aid your healing and personal journey.

If you would like to do Soul Pathology as a family, please visit this page for more information.

If you’re curious about a remote group Soul Pathology session, please visit this page for more information.

A Soul Pathology Individual Session is designed to:

1. Uncover lower vibrational emotions and energies trapped in the unconscious mind, cellular memory, and DNA to transmute or shift those energies into lighter, more intelligent and intentional frequencies.

2. Kickstart a fundamental healing process (expanded consciousness) that will catapult you onto your highest path.

3. Offer you unique tools and perspectives to aid you on your personal journey and soul evolution.

An Individual session is one hour recorded session

It’s a gift to yourSelf that keeps on giving, lifetime over lifetime…



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