Amanda Rieger Green, MPH
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 About Amanda Rieger Green, MPH

Amanda is a modern day alchemist who will up-level your life! She has the profound ability to rapidly shift the low vibration energies of people who want to be astounded with their own innate abilities and coach them in organically applying their unlimited potential in every aspect of life. She combines her professional leadership development background and gifts as a renowned psychic with her personal soul journey through trauma, addiction, and depression—to expedite clients’ understanding and practical application of their own unique life blueprint. She is the founder of Soul Pathology, a successful personal and spiritual development practice designed for her clients who look to create freedom and abundance through life's challenges by connecting to the highest version of their human self. She also is a co-founder of Wise Skies Advice, an Astrology + Numerology business that offers developmental tools, resources and products.

Amanda is the author and publisher of The Abundance Code Series. Her book, Numerology For Your Home: Using Abundance Codes to Shift Your Life is a tool to guide you though tapping into your desires and manifesting them into an abundant reality. Her latest work, Book of Ceremonies: Making Magic on New and Full Moons is now on pre-sale!

Are you a spiritual seeker, healer or teacher with a story to tell? Amanda is also the co-owner of Spellbound Publishers, a boutique publishing company representing authors who write in the metaphysical and spiritual genres.

Amanda is a graduate of Sewanee, The University of the South, with a B.A. in Religion. Additionally, she holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University. She is a certified yoga instructor and Reconnective Healing practitioner. Amanda is blissfully (yes, blissfully) married to Dennis Green.

They live full-time in Belize with their two pups Tex + Abby.

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What is Soul Pathology?

Soul Pathology is a specialized process developed by Amanda Rieger Green to uncover, discover, and collaborate with your soul essence in this lifetime. It is the self-study of your soul’s unique blueprint. Soul Pathology not only aligns you with your desires in this lifetime, its aim is to integrate the human and spiritual you so you work in tandem with your higher self and begin to find the flow of life rather than the resistance. It is the intersection of your Human Capital with your Soul potential. Amanda creates an image of your highest, best self and reflects that image back to you. At the very core, it is learning how to understand your truest self. Once you start, you can’t stop it.

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