Soul Pathology for Family healing


For seekers of all sizes


What is in this Package?

Three 1-hour Soul Pathology Sessions paired with Reconnective Healing

What is FAMILY Soul pathology?

Amanda has worked with a number of children and their parents to help children adapt better to their body, mind, spirit connection. Parents frequently seek out Amanda’s practices as she has the ability to not only offer the Soul Pathology to children, but to work in a collaborative effort with the family’s Soul Pathology to create a more harmonized family unit. When the family mind-body-spirit connection is activated, a tremendous amount of healing, growth, and awareness is created in the home.

As the energies speed up in the world around us and the unnatural frequencies of information technology dominate our environments, children are coming into this world with gifts and abilities that sometimes get miscommunicated and labeled because it’s the easy solutions. Prescription medications, unhealthy diet, extensive screen-time on devices are just some of the components that interfere with a child’s ability to develop into their unique selves. Family Soul Pathology focuses on uncovering the layers and interconnecting the highest selves of the family unit.

Amanda has found success with children with behavioral, social, emotional challenges, and more.

*This package can also be purchased for couples

Creating soul-Utions for modern day, Evolving families.


"The information Amanda has given our family is truly life-changing. I have worked with her several times for myself, as well as attended a retreat at her property, resulting in amazing insights and a feeling of being deeply connected to the larger Universal energies. But what really stands out is the work she has done with our 3 1/2yo daughter. Amanda sensed and brought to light both subtle and deeply amazing information. It helps immensely as a parent to figure out what your child is going through and what path their life might take. I now feel armed with the right information to nurture unusual abilities in my daughter. I feel like I have a real ally in spiritual matters in Amanda, which is very hard to find." Brooke


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