What does Reconnective Healing feel like?

Reconnective Healing is unique to each person. Some people experience feelings, sensations, visions, out of body travel, and some experience very little. The actual transmission of energies restore coherence and harmony to the body. Each body is unique in synthesizing and integrating the energies at its own pace or unfolding.

How long is a session?

One hour. You will receive a conference call number (like a Soul Pathology Session) to call into at the time of your appointment. Amanda will discuss The Reconnective Healing with you at that time, ask a few questions and answer any questions you may have (approximately 10 minutes). Then, she will have you lie down in a quiet, uninterrupted space for the next 30 minutes. Once she is finished with the healing session, she will ask a few more questions about your experience and answer any questions the client has. Then the session will be completed.

*Each session varies; however, most sessions run no longer than one hour
*There is no recording with reconnective healing sessions

Does remote energy healing really work?

It does! It’s all about unlimiting your conceptions of space and time. If there is no space or time- then why would you have to be in someone’s presence to revise energy? Similar to Amanda’s Remote Soul Pathology Sessions, she is able to connect energetically and has provided Remote Reconnective Healing Sessions for clients all over the world with great success.

What can I expect following my first, second, and third sessions?

The experience with Reconnective Healing is personal. Each client has their own interaction and is received in its highest form when we allow ourselves to release all expectations. The sessions restore coherence and harmony in our lives and transforms our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in many ways that otherwise may seem impossible. For many clients, anything that is not in harmony or flow with their higher self or meaning may begin to feel like resistance or can be seen as contrast. Conscious expands and there can be a heightened sense of perception to what is in or out of flow.  

Why three sessions?

After 1 session, most people notice a change but 3 sessions help the body adjust and effectively integrate and advance the cohesion of frequencies.

Will I receive energy feedback during or after the session?

No. Reconnective Healing is designed to offer the frequencies without attachment or assignment to “reasons” or “explanations.” Again, it is about unlimiting your consciousness and allowing your body, mind and spirit to integrate a higher level of light and intelligence into your cells and DNA.

What clients are saying about their Reconnective Healing Sessions with Amanda:

"I am so blessed that I have met Amanda. I went in thinking that this process of healing would be some magical cure for all my problems. Instead this process brought to light the problems I needed to face and heal in order to grow. Amanda was there with me every step of the way offering me guidance, support and a whole lot of love. I now feel safe enough to surrender and allow life to flow. I truly believe that no matter what area of life someone is looking to heal, whether it be physical, mental, emotional or all off the above, Amanda will bring light and joy to your experience. She brings a playful and light touch to every session that makes a seemingly heavy process fun. She is a modern alchemist turning dark into light and most importantly she is able to laugh and have fun while doing it."  -Larissa H.


For more information, please check out this video from Dr. Eric Pearl further explaining the Reconnective Healing Frequencies. Online Level I: The Frequencies 

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