About Amanda

About Amanda

Soul Pathologist | Psychic Medium | Author

Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner | Yoga Instructor 

Amanda combines her psychic gifts with her life experience—a soul journey through trauma, addiction, and depression—to guide clients in understanding their own unique life blueprint and innate abilities in order to align with their soul mission. She is the founder of Soul Pathology, a life practice designed to reconnect our human and spirit selves, heal soul-defragmentation, and illuminate our soul path. She also is a co-founder of Wise Skies Advice, an astrology and numerology business that offers tools, resources and products.

Amanda is author of The Abundance Code Series. Her book, Numerology For Your Home: Using Abundance Codes to Shift Your Life is a tool to guide you though tapping into your desires and manifesting them into an abundant reality.

Amanda is a graduate of Sewanee, The University of the South, with a B.A. in Religion. Additionally, she holds a Master of Public Health from Boston University. She is a certified yoga instructor and Reconnective Healing practitioner. Amanda is blissfully (yes, blissfully) married to Dennis Green. They split their time between Austin, Texas and Belize with their two Labrador Retrievers, Tex & Ouisie (short for Texas & Louisiana).

 "It is my intention to raise the vibration of the inhabitants of Mother Earth, The Galaxy, The Universe and The Multiverse; enlightening beings through all directions and dimensions of time."

                                                    -Amanda Rieger Green